Number 8 Firing

This firing was crucial, testing of new clays, slips, glazes and a large commission (to help pay for the new lighting) were all going into this one kiln load. To add to the fraught mix was a new supply of wood (gum generously donated by our neighbour) that we hoped was dry enough. The weather was the one factor that played into our hands with a fine spell just in-time to load, fire and unload the kiln, the next day an ex-tropical cyclone hit with prodigious amounts of rain.

Opening the kiln on Monday revealed a beautiful load of pots. We were massively relieved that the firing had gone well, the tests looked awesome, the commission OK and the glazes worked. This firing gives us lots of ideas of what to try next time, which combinations of clays and slips are working best and exciting areas to explore. The slide show below gives you a taste of the process, more photos of my work over on my website: