December firing

  • Firing

Our final firing for the year, shared with the Paeroa Potters and Rose was a good one to finish the year. We dropped cone 11 in 13 hours, burning about 30 pallets. This time a combination of drizzle and really dry fresh pine meant we had serious reduction for the firing, really enhancing the tan and ochre colours of the white stoneware clays. On my clay mix, which uses clay from the land, came out darker and richer than usual, even the oribe green glaze went red sometimes. The rejigged bagwall improved the soda effects along the sides of the kiln.

It was also really nice to be able to have a functioning studio to make our pots in, with great light and views, it makes the workflow so much easier and productive.

One of the last major pieces of studio setup is the sink, which is nearing completion with a rain water tank installed and just the gutter down-pipes to hook up.