Consent Granted

It was like being back in school, or sitting your driving test. The inspector was booked for 1pm Tuesday and although my head said my new shed should pass, I did fret that some important and completely overlooked detail would de-rail my shed plans. In the end it was swift, painless and the consent was granted with more talk about our appalling weather and how to deal with overflowing drains than any building issues.

I’ve been using the shed for about a month now, slowly figuring out where wheels, tables and racks should go. I’ve a feeling that things will migrate around a while until I find the best work flow. I must admit that the feeling of potting in a new shed, stereo playing, rain hammering on the roof and knowing that no more is my gear slowly rotting under tarpaulins outside is sweet.

Now for the next steps – windows, entrance deck and tonnes of shelving to stash the volumes of studio gear that is cluttering up the floor. But first i have pots to make and a kiln to fire. All I need is a break in the rain and about 15 dry pallets and I’ll be sorted.