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Room with a View

It takes a while to work up the courage to hack into the brand new tin walls of the workshop. I had to figure out where to put the windows and how to configure the 6 individual sashes that I had bought off TradeMe. My builder, Rudolph, helped immensely by milling the timber for the frame at his workshop. My job was to assemble the frames, frame up the holes, cut the tin and plonk the new windows in. The first window was delayed by the weather and the second by Woodstoke, but eventually I’ve got them in and just a little more finishing off work to go. The sudden influx of light has been transformative, the views are delightful and finally, the ability to open the window, small the breeze and let the heat out is wonderful.


1 thought on “Room with a View”

  1. Sandy McPherson -Bennett

    Great to see all the progress & hard work come together. Well done all round & enjoy your new work space.

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