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First workshop firing this year

We had a fairly experienced group of potters taking our Taming of the Kiln workshop this year and it showed in the successful results. Some arrived on Friday to get a head start on the glazing and slipping process, eager to try the 3 new glazes and flashing slip available. By lunchtime on Saturday the kiln was ready and so were all the pots. 

We established a steady rhythm of selecting pieces, wadding them and setting them on the shelves. Mindful of the density and heights, ensuring a good flow of flame through the stack. By 7pm the kiln was stacked and the wicket up.

Sunday dawned another beautiful clear day and at 8am we were away. A different rhythm created by the stoking teams, the wood haulers, breaks for cups of tea and flame watching. We followed the log fairly closely and ended up with a 12 hour firing to cone 11 down.

Five days later we unpacked and analysed the results, working out the complex interplay of clay, slip, glaze, atmosphere and heat. Smiles all around greeted the huge variety of pots and all walked away with some absolute gems.