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First Firing Workshop a Success

My ’Taming of the Kiln’ workshop attracted 6 keen participants, eager to learn the tricks of loading and firing my wood kiln. They brought with them boxes full of pots that needed glazing and the spaying of slips on the outsides – all depending on what clays they had used. It meant the load had a big range of clay/slip/glaze combinations. The loading went smoothly with lots of help rolling wadding balls, finding shelves, props and that last small thing to squeeze onto the shelf. It was a very full load and everyone got lots in.
The next day dawned fine and the kiln was lit about 8 am for a day full of stoking, spying the flame, hauling wood up the hill, watching the chimney, hauling more wood up the hill, lots of eating and cups of tea and coffee, even more wood hauling, cones dropping, soda squirting and finally finished at 9.30pm.
A week of cooling and then the kiln was ready for unloading. It was a rich, even and beautifully flashed kiln load. Emerging from the kiln were some gorgeous pots that rewarded the efforts of the maker and the stokers. There were also some pots that are a valuable lesson on how the different clay/slip combinations work out.
I’ll be running more of these workshops next year – so keep an eye on this website or Facebook page to see when the next course is advertised.