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Charade Honey

I attended the UNITEC craft design certificate course in 1998, focussing on ceramics. In 2005 I enrolled in the Otago Poytechnic Diploma of Ceramic Arts course taught through the Auckland Studio Potters as a full time student. This is where my love of wood firing was sparked. After graduating in 2006 I continued firing the kilns at the ASP until 2007 when I travelled abroad to participate in wood firing festivals in France and Poland.

Returning to New Zealand I relocated to Hamilton and completed the level 7 Otago Polytechnic advanced Diploma of Ceramic Arts, with renown potter Mike O’Donnell as a supervisor.

I now live in a small village near the Karangahake Gorge, setting up a pottery with my partner, Duncan Shearer. I’ve just completed a Postgrad Certificate in Visual Arts/Ceramics through the Otago Polytechnic School of Art.

I work in a variety of clays and styles, with wheel thrown functional vessels and sculptural story telling all part of what I’m passionate about. My work is fired in our wood kiln and soda glazed with a range of surface treatments.