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Studio Building

The last key part in my plan for Rahu Rd Pottery is to build a decent sized pottery studio. A spacious building to make pots in, a space to teach others in and a space that encourages the creative juices. But first I have to carve out a step from the hillside and build a retaining wall. So my ever-helpful neighbour popped over to drive the digger while I established levels. He also lent me a couple of hand augers to dig the post holes. It was a fairly physical process digging through the clay layers, but it has provided me with 2 decent piles of different clays that I’m testing out to see how best to use. The wall is now finished and the platform ready for the pole barn to get built once I’ve finalised the shed plan and got a council consent.


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  1. Visited Rahu Road Studio Gallery last weekend and met Duncan who was generous with his time, friendly and welcoming. Duncan has such wisdom of clay and ceramics. Of course it was hard to chose just one piece so I’ll have to go back and purchase more, which I am thoroughly looking forward too.

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