Rahu Road Gallery Building

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Here’s how I built the gallery

The gallery is a 10 square metre tin box, with a 50 degree pitched roof and designed to be relocateable if needed. It’s been fun translating ideas from sketches through the technical drawings to the building process. I’ve found the greatest pleasure is when the site is cleared and you pace out the site, sit and cogitate on the sun’s angles, think about the wind and rain and finally pin out the corners — locking forever the building idea to the ground.
The actual construction process is a battle of accuracy over tools and materials. Somehow things work out and the skeleton finally pops up, but is it as my minds-eye saw it? The ideas change as the building is constructed, but how malleable is the shed to changes when I’ve already cut the timber and tin?
The last 5% of the build seems to take disproportionately long, but the end is in sight. One of decisions that I’ve taken longest over is the paint colours. But I’m still hopeful to have the building finished, both inside and out by Christmas. At the moment it is fully operational with the inside painting done and lots of work to choose from.