Out of the Ground

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My pole holes passed the council inspection, despite the best efforts of the weather, torrential rain two days before meant a lot of extra work draining the holes and cleaning them out yet again. Then all the wood arrived and a mate from down the road helped out with his digger, hauling the poles up to the site and plonking them into the holes. Rudolph then came the next day and we spent the day setting the poles straight in their holes and then I started the job of concreting all the poles in. 3.5 cubic metres of building mix, countless bags of cement and another mate from Auckland who came down for a couple of days to help out meant by the end of the week I had finished and was finally out of the ground.

Next came the sub floor, and although the bearers were already in place (a brain wave of Rudolph who used the bearers to hold the jack piles in place for the concreting) we had a lot of joists to cut, fit and secure with hangers. The council inspector turned up early, but was satisfied with what we were doing and so that hurdle is now passed. Now for the rest of the frame…..


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  1. Matt Stafford is here with us and We had to show him your pics cause we were so impressed. “Very tidy site! love the weathering around the post.” He says.

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