Framed Up

As predicted the pace of the build took off once all the slow tediousness of foundations were out of the way. Everyday a major section of the shed was built; Monday the plywood floor was laid, Tuesday the rafters were cut into the poles, Wednesday the purlins were hung off the rafters, Thursday the wall girts along the long side were installed and finally on Friday the gable end girts were finished. A lot of accurate cutting, rebates and a large hammer seemed the order of the day.

There was a bit of confusion caused by the plans not illustrating all the junctions of how key details should be built and as this shed has a few features not common on the usual Goldpine shed (eaves and a wooden floor) a bit of experience from Rudolph sorted out the best solution. Next up is cladding, a bit weather dependant but I’m still hopeful that by the end of the week the shed will be watertight.