Now that our studio is built we’re keen to share our knowledge about clay – how to turn your ideas into reality and to explore this amazing material. For 2019 we are scheduling five masterclasses, a regular adult class and a children’s class, but hope to add to this schedule during the year.Our new studio is well equiped with Leach style treadle wheels, lots of workspace and storage, fully stocked with glaze materials and a selection of moulds and other equipment for hand building.

If you are interested in booking into one of these courses or want to know more, then please use the contact form to get in touch, or give us a call.

Workshops for 2019

Weekend Workshop 1 FULL
Taming of the kiln – 13 & 14 April

the JugThis workshop is all about heat and how to control it. Based around loading and firing of the wood kiln for a soda firing we will also be covering the principles at work in wood and gas kilns. Work for the firing will need to be bisque fired and glazed with suitable stoneware glazes (firing to cone 11), loading on Saturday and firing on Sunday. The kiln will be unloaded on the following Saturday. A limited range of glazes and flashing slips available. Maximum 6 people, $320 (includes refreshments and lunches).

Weekend Workshop 2

Throwing the Jug – 6 & 7 July

Following on from last years Teapot Challenge workshop we’re now offering a workshop dedicated to learning how to throw a Jug. This form also has the challenge of having to pour well but has more opportunity for individual expression. A range of techniques will be demonstrated that you can have a go at and a variety of clays available for you to try. Some throwing skills essential. We will be using the Leach treadle wheel. Maximum of 4 people. $320 (includes refreshments and lunches)

Weekend Workshop 3 FULL
Mastering woodfiring effects – 28 & 29 September

A follow up workshop to the earlier Taming of the Kiln workshop that is more focussed on you developing an individual approach and aesthetic to woodfired soda glazing. We will be exploring different slips, glazes and clays and firing pieces raw where necessary. Again we will be loading on Saturday, firing on Sunday with the unloading happening on the following Saturday. Maximum 6 people. $320 (includes refreshments and lunches)

Day Workshop 1 FULL

Glaze technology – introduction 20 July

This course covers glazing methods, including spraying and resists. We will also cover a basic overview of the materials that make up a glaze and what to look for in a new glaze recipe. Maximum 6 people. $160 (includes refreshments and lunch)

Day Workshop 2  – 1 place still available

Glaze technology – intermediate 12 October

This course is focussed on understanding what materials are used in making up a glaze, how to formulate a recipe and test it and how to take an existing glaze and make it your own by adapting it to your clay and style. Maximum 6 people. $160 (includes refreshments and lunch)

Terms and ConditionsRahu Road Pottery reserves the right to cancel a class if it fails to achieve a minimum number of enrolments, or for reasons outside its control. A full refund will be given if the course is cancelled by Rahu Road Pottery. If a student cancels their enrolment one or more weeks prior to course commencement then a full refund will be given. If a student cancels their enrolment within one week of course commencement then a refund will be given minus an administration fee of $60. If a student cancels their enrolment on or after the start date of the course then no refund will be given. Rahu Road Pottery reserves the right to discontinue tuition for any student deemed to be unsuitable for the course. Rahu Road Pottery reserves the right to change the tutor on advertised courses and replace that tutor with another suitable tutor without advertising those changes or refunding course fees. All students must comply with the Health and Safety policy of Rahu Road Pottery.