Who We Are

Potters' Charade Honey and Duncan Shearer are building their dream pottery that produces functional pots and sculptural work. “We’ve found our own quiet, beautiful piece of land and are building our pottery. We’ve built our wood kiln, little gallery and studio. We both make a range of work and really love the connection we have with our customers when they use our pots. Each piece is unique, hand made, fired in our wood kiln and is influenced by where we live” says Duncan Shearer. We invite you to come and visit whenever you're passing through.


We're keen to share our knowledge and have started offering a range of classes. Our Term 2 classes are now posted up and start on the 6 May. We have an adult class on Sunday afternoons and a children’s class on Wednesday afternoons. The 2018 Weekend Workshop information is also posted and we're taking bookings for all the classes Have a look at our classes page and if you're interested then please give us a call or use the contact form.


Our little gallery was built with the idea of having a quiet place, away from the dust and mess of the studio environment. A neutral white space, softly lit that would display our work on a range of surfaces and help bring out the rich subtle qualities of the wood/soda surfaces. It has a range of constantly rotating stock as each kiln load is polished and displayed, then selections made and sent off to various galleries. Gallery hours: November to February, Thursday to Sunday - 10am to 5pm. March to October, please phone to ensure we're open. Please call first on 07 8626974 to ensure we are home if you’re making a specific journey to see our gallery

Latest Posts

Taming of the Kiln Workshop

This year a keen group of 7 potters gathered at our pottery to learn the secrets of loading and firing our wood fired kiln, with the added bonus of learning […]

Making pots

It’s been a busy month of March, preparing the studio for teaching (including building a studio composting toilet) and making pots for the April firing. This month Duncan has been […]

Classes underway for 2018

Classes started this week and it’s great to see the new faces and their first experiences with clay. Charade welcomed everyone and soon had the clay out of the bags […]

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